Rudra Computer Services is dedicated name in Personalised Computer Education since 2003. Here education is provided as 1 to 1 basis. Students become ready to serve in any industry after completing our courses. Moreover we provide training to professionals also as per their requirements. We are the first and foremost in solving the problem of our valued clients by using Internet. We also serve foreign students with the use of Internet.

As IT Industry is changing and progressing very fast, we continuously update our programs and courses to adjust with the new developments and innovations. So we focus on the latest curriculum as well as training methods.

As our motto is – “Student First”, we care for our students on large extent like emphasizing on ergonomics, lectures on books, real life projects etc. We own latest Hardware and License Software to facilitate student for fast and simple works.

We are also the first in providing the Gadgets' training to the people who are senior citizens, housewives or anyone who are technophobe and unable to use gadgets like smart phones, tablets etc.